Earn Money By Top 30 Youtube Topic Ideas In 2019


    According to the latest report 6 out of 10 visitors likes to search solution on youtube rather than google search. By the year 2021 80% of the world’s traffic will be video-based traffic. And that is true actually now youtube have content for any topic and solution for any problem. billions of visitors now prefer youtube over blog or website for their problem and solutions as it’s easy to understand by watching video compared to reading text.

    youtube topic

    Many bloggers and website owners already moved to youtube years ago to be future proof. and they made a great choice by choosing youtube.

    Therefore I would like to urge you if you still not taking youtube seriously this is time to think.

    In this article, I am going to provide the list of best and trending topic niches for your youtube channel. this list will surely help if you are confused that on which topic you should start your youtube channel.

    List of Youtube Topic Ideas for 2019

    1. Prank Videos

    People love prank videos you can create prank videos for fun but keep in mind sometimes prank videos may go wrong so it could be risky.

    2. Funny Videos

    Similar to prank whole world love funny videos. it can be anything like funny moments of animals or humans. This world is filled with funny creatures.

    3. Cooking Videos

    If you have good cooking skills I think youngsters will love your videos as nowadays people really looking for hygienic ways to get tasty and healthy foods

    4. Mix News Videos

    Viewers will love mixed news like tech & gadgets news, political news, new innovations news, space news etc. Try to give the latest update as soon as possible as there are many tech news portal websites available where you can check for the latest news update and you just need to reproduce that news in your unique video style.

    5. Business ideas

    Everybody wants to be successful in business especially in startups. Giving business ideas to people will motivate them to take a risk and try new businesses.

    6. Make Money Online

    Make money online is the most searched keyword on search engines. Everybody wants to make money on autopilot while sleeping or sitting just at home. If you know any working ways to make money online just guide the whole world and get views in bulk.

    6. Travel Vlog

    Love to travel? Then go an explore the whole world. You can create local travel vlogs or explore international places. People just love new kinds of stuff

    7. Food vlog

    By doing food vlog you can help others to find the best and quality fast or healthy food near you or across the world. Give them a genuine review because food is our life.

    8. Beauty Tips

    Everyone wants to look good and beautiful especially girls. You can give youngsters beauty tips and build your audience faster

    9. Educational Classes

    Create online classes for school and college students. This will give you sure shot views on your channel.

    10. Magic Tricks and Magic Reveal Videos

    Provide magic tips and tricks videos or reveal other complex magic tricks. Viewers love magic.

    11. Private or Govt Jobs Guide

    There is a huge database for unemployed peoples you can create videos on govt or private jobs updates and help them to get a job.

    12. Top 10 Videos

    Create videos on top 10 things can be anything like top 10 mobiles, top 10 gadgets, top 10 laptops, etc.

    13. Yoga Classes

    Yoga really helps to calm down your mind and body. It’s getting momentum and people really taking yoga seriously . You can create videos on yoga classes for sure.

    14. Photo Video Editing

    If you have good and handy knowledge over the photo and video editing start teaching your skills to others. This will mainly help other YouTubers and content markers.

    15. Product Review

    Review gadgets or any product no matter what is the niche for that particular product it will generate double income for you like one from youtube and second from affiliates products links you will provide in the description.

    16. Career Guide

    Many youngsters need career guide after secondary education. You can guide them for choosing the right career according to their passion.

    17. Dance & Singing

    Teach singing and dance online I don’t think it still has big competition yet. good to try now

    18. Ayurvedic Tips

    Lots of patients treated by ayurvedic medicines and saved their life from high-risk surgeries. You can recommend them good ayurvedic products too by sharing your affiliate links.

    19. Health Guide

    Guide others for maintaining a good and healthy lifestyle by following your health tips.

    20. Astrology

    Millions of peoples believe in superstitious things you can target those audiences and guide them on the right path with your astrological skills

    21. Historical Videos

    Create videos on classic and historical things. Human always loves historical things. and our world is already filled with historical heritage.

    22. Movie Reviews

    You can review trending movies and give others solid reasons to watch or not watch those movies according to your movie experience

    23. Motivational Videos

    Motivation is the part of the successful life. I will treat this topic as a social welfare task as many guys just give up in their life due to no proper guidance and motivation. Any successful person can easily create videos on this topic.

    24. Biography.

    People will love to see biography for their favorite celebrity and inspirational star. Make sure you first research well before creating a biography on anyone.

    25. Mimicry

    You can choose mimicry for your youtube videos. If you have mimic talent people will love and enjoy your videos for sure. Provide unique videos with fresh content which should be enjoyable.

    26. Interview Channel

    Interviewing famous celebrities and popular persons will boost your views as you don’t have to do too much video editing for the interview. Man in front of you is your content totally.

    27. Automobile Repair And Mod

    You can save thousands of dollars for your viewers by teaching them how to easily repair some small issues regarding their vehicles. People also love to mod their cars and bikes especially old vehicles.

    28. Sports

    You can create channel related to sports only it can be anything sportsman’s life sports predictions or anything related to just sports

    29. Programming & Web Development

    This will really help anyone online. Teach your viewers proper programming and web development techniques.

    30. Lifestyle of Celebrities

    Whenever new face goes viral people are always interesting to know about that person. You can create videos on newly became celebrities as soon as possible and see the magic you will get massive views.




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