Wifi Droid Best App To Share Files Between PC And Android Mobile Free


Sharing Files Wirelessly Is Amazing Thing No Body Wants To Carry That Data Cable Which Sometimes Get Damaged Due To Some Incidents

Wifi Droid Is An Amazing App Which Directly Replace Your Data Cable With Wireless Adapter Which Works Very Fine

I searched Numerous of Free Wifi File sharing Apps Between PC And My Android Mobile but Got Some of them have filze size limitation for transferring data which i don’t like 

and finally i found this good app called wifi droid which works absolutely fine for me it doesn’t have any limitation for file size and transfer files very fast for me 

just type given ip in wifidroid android application to you browser and you are done it have nice user friendly web interface which is easy to use

so what are you waiting for just download it from store and don’t forget to comment below and also subscribe us for more updates

Click Here To Download It From Playstore


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