Which Cryptocurrency To Buy in 2020? Here is List


You all might have one question running in your mind that which cryptocurrency to buy today. when you think about this question it’s quite possible that you are searching for coins that can give good returns in long run with investment perspective or those have better future into blockchain world.

But don’t worry we know some of the best and top cryptocurrencies that can be bought any time.

Here is the list of top cryptocurrencies you should buy

#1. Bitcoin BTC


Bitcoin is King and always will be the king whenever you plan to buy cryptocurrencies make sure you at least buy and hold some bitcoin I will recommend you to buy bitcoin 50% from your funds and rest fund should be used in other cryptos. Bitcoin has the biggest mass adoption compared to other cryptocurrencies also as many exchanges use it as a base currency it never dumps hard like other shitcoins. Lighting network will make it faster than ever which is under testing currently but working fine.

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#2. Ethereum – ETH


2018 was scary for ethereum it dumped from all-time high $1500 to yearly low $86 at the time of writing this article. Although big daddy getting criticism and trolling from other dapp coins I think ethereum still deserves the title for best dapp and smart contract platform due to its secure and decentralized network. eth should be in your buying list and not just eth whole crypto environment is at early stage of development. Many new exciting upgrades are planned for ethereum in 2019.

#3. EOS


EOS is a block one product their ico collected one of the biggest amount in history which was nearly 4 billion worth of $$ dollars. eos successfully launched their blockchain on mainnet in mid-2018. currently similar to ethereum it dumped hard as well from its all-time high value. But unlike ethereum eos doesn’t have speed and scalability issues. And interesting things is that China rates EOS as No.1 blockchain coin every month. I think eos future is bright as eos thinking out of the box. eos blockchain will be able to host servers allow faster dapps it’s very flexible you can think it as internet 3.0 it will surprise for sure.

#4. Tron – TRX


Similar to EOS Tron is also a smart contract dapp coin. However, leader of tron justin sun knows how to create hype for tron. Tron goal is to create youtube and facebook on tron blockchain in a decentralized way. although tron supply is quite massive it has 99 billion total supply and approx 65 billion circulating supply. but as you all know bear market-crushing all the good coins trx also dumped and loosed significant market cap. so currently it’s quite cheap too. I think this coin should be in your buying range as it has big community especially in asia.

#5. Nano


I personally like nano coin will blast one day to more than $100 a coin because they are really super active not just on social media but on nano development too. one of the biggest feature of this coin is that it processes your transaction almost instant or you can say under 3 seconds. Nano team continuously working hard on nano use cases as they are not interested in giving users the incentives for holding coins as a staking reward or mining reward. this coin requires no mining or no staking to run blockchain it’s quite economy friendly. nano team truly focused on real-world use cases, therefore, they have created many interesting things already as they are not waiting for mass adoption they are creating the mass adoption. My final thoughts must have coin for your portfolio can blast any day any moment to the moon. check nano achievements here https://nanolinks.info/

#6. Golem – GNT


Well here comes the sleeping giant. Golem building a supercomputer on blockchain that can process and run complete complex and lengthy task on golem blockchain. Golem already has a working application for this task named Brass Golem which is now out of alpha and under beta stage. Any task that is currently GPU hungry and takes hours to complete with golem it will be processed within a few minutes. Many movie makers can adopt golem technology to render their cgi and vfx tasks faster than ever in the future. From AI to deep learning and medical world You can imagine how undervalued this coin is many companies can adopt golem in future for sure. but I would like to remind you that golem has some competitors projects too like SONM IEXEC DeepBrainChain. Check these coins too before investment or share your investment amongst them.

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Similar to NANO iota doesn’t require mining or staking, however, iota still different from nano. Iota uses tangle technology to run its blockchain in simple words more your spam the network more it becomes faster and processes faster transactions. I think it will be quite easy to run this blockchain as they can deploy virtual servers and spam their own network to run their blockchain even no transaction going through on the network. as the name indicates iota focus IOT technology and adoption. IOTA team is quite professional and active on social media they hire professional players to their team very often. I think iota also a must have a coin for your portfolio for long-term investment.

#8. NEM


Nem coin work with proof of importance harvesting. Nem is quite old and trusted blockchain network in crypto space. Another coin with great professional teams. Nem has both public and private blockchain features. Nem focusing on partnerships with different governments around the world and local enterprises. Country like Ukraine used NEM blockchain for testing election voting. I think NEM have tremendous future ahead into blockchain world. I will highly recommend you to add NEM to your portfolio

#9. Binance Coin – BNB


Well everybody knows about world No.1 non-fiat crypto exchange. In just one year binance built billion dollar umpire. The biggest reason for current binance success is their tech and development. they solved the biggest problem trading on mobile. to be honest I personally think that their mobile app has just nailed it with its super easy user-friendly Gui. they attracted all other exchange’s users over the time so quickly. Well, binance still not stopping recently launched fiat exchange in Uganda. it will be easy for binance to launch fiat exchange in any country as their tech is already ready and working flawlessly. Next big thing coming from binance and almost ready which is a Fully decentralized exchange and bnb will be the use case for that decentralized exchange. hold this hidden gem and include it to your portfolio for massive profit in near future.

#10. Litecoin – LTC


Litecoin created by Charlie Lee an former Google software engineer and coinbase director of engineer. Actually, litecoin does the same thing as bitcoin do but litecoin is a bit faster than bitcoin due to faster block confirmation and also have a lower fee than bitcoin. I personally think that litecoin have great future ahead as it has a real face behind the project. charlie already stated that he is working hard for litecoin future. it is quite old and trusted project it should be in your portfolio as well.

hope you liked those top coins do you want me to expand this list ? just comment below and tell me which coin and why I should add it into my list

Disclaimer: This is not a financial advice and I am not a financial advisor. I m just sharing my own thoughts for these top cryptocurrencies. I won’t be responsible for your losses. Please do your own research too before investing in crypto space as crypto are too volatile and risky for investment.


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