Get Free Instant Hosted Windows VPS Trial For 30 Days



Hello Guys I m back with another free windows vps trial which will work without credit card or any personal information, yeh for this vps you need a valid email id only. yes only a email id and you are done. but one thing this vps is a hosted windows vps means you cannot install any software but you can run internet on browsers like chrome and firefox without any limitation you can run any site 24×7 without any downtime. the internet speed is just awesome 550mbps dowload and 550mbps upload speed.

Get Free Hosted Windows VPS Trial Without Credit Card  For 30 Days 2019

Follow These Steps To Get Your Free Hosted VPS Trial:-

#1. First Of All Just Go to This site Click Here

#2. Now Click on button called “Try One Month For Free” Check Image Below


#3. Now put your valid email id use any email provider like gmail,yahoo,hotmail,etc


#4. Wow after Clicking on button Start Free Trial You will instantly logged into to your hosted vps on your browser

#5. Now you can use this vps for full 30 days without any problem. you can access this vps with both via remote desktop. rdp file or via your own browser. for me it works better on browser. and for rdp access check your email for rdp password


That’s it you after completing all the simple steps given above you will get your 100% free virtual hosted windows vps server. which will run for full 30 days you can create as many as you wants. they don’t even ask for email verification.

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