Top Best Ways To Earn Money With Crypto in 2020


In this article. I will tell you about some top and best ways to earn money with crypto in 2020. A lot of people think that crypto is a Ponzi scheme or scam. But the reality is that crypto is not a scam and actually you can make a good amount of money with crypto using a good strategy.

earn money with crypto

The methods I am going to mention here in this article will help everyone on internet like from developers to beginners or newbies so keep just reading the whole article.

Top 10 Ways To Earn Money With Crypto in 2020

1. Holding Crypto Coins

Hodl, Hold, Holding, Hodling, You must have heard of these words in crypto space. This is the first and easiest way to earn money with crypto. There is no rocket science for this one but you have to do your own research before investing and holding your first cryptocurrency. Always invest in good projects those have great future ahead into blockchain world I will recommend you to choose smart contract and dapp projects like eos eth icx iota or identical to these. You can check CoinMarketCap for the top and reputed crypto coins. Apart from this, you should be aware with dollar cost averaging to minimize your losses. For instance, if you have $1000 budget buy $200 worth crypto every week or month this is how dollar cost averaging works.

2. Trading/Day Trading Crypto/Bot Trading

Before jumping into the trading world you first have to understand how trading works. Trading is actually a skill which makes you perfect in making a profitable trade. Although trading can be done without the knowledge of charts and indicators it will be like playing a casino. so it will be better to learn proper tradings skills before trading like a pro trader. Apart from trading/day trading you can choose and learn bot trading. Bots have preconfigured configuration to make your trade much stronger even stronger than manual trade. You can check out 3commas bot here Best Easy User-Friendly Crypto Trading Bot

3. Doing Micro-Task/Bounties For Crypto Projects

You can look for those projects which are currently offering micro tasks like submitting your email address or your personal information to their website and they will reward you with some free crypto coins or many ico project’s offer bounty programme so if you can promote their projects on popular platforms like youtube, blogs, forums or social media you can earn a good amount of coins. But please make sure the project you are going to promote looks legit else your hard work will result in failure.

4. Participating In Airdrops

Airdrop is a very popular way of making money in crypto space. Many project giveaway airdrop monthly or occasionally to reward their coin holders but there are lot’s scam going on with airdrops events so make sure you are going with legit projects and do not ever share your private keys with them. Mostly scams happen with erc20 tokens so please do tight research before joining airdrops.

5. Blogging on Crypto Platform

There are some popular crypto blogging platforms out there like SteemIt and public0x. So if you are passionate about writing good content on any topic you can signup on these two platforms and earn crypto from other as an appreciation reward from readers. Currently, steem is more popular than any other crypto blogging platform.

6. Mining Cryptocurrencies

Earning with mining cryptocurrencies is still popular but not profitable, to be honest. Minable coins facing some tough competition for non-minable coins like nano, iota, eos, tron, etc. And if you are still interested in mining you need to first learn how mining works and which hardware is required to mine cryptocurrencies also you need cheap electricity to mine crypto as it requires massive GPU power and electricity to run a blockchain network. You can mine with a trusted mining pool but there are scam pools out there in the market too which might not pay you after using your hash power. Check these websites to calculate and learn how to mine and calculate your profit CryptoCompare And WhatToMine

7. Make Crypto Youtube Channel

Another very popular way to earn money in crypto space youtubing for crypto. You can easily make a youtube channel and make videos on crypto topics but you must have good knowledge of crypto before creating videos. Share your thoughts and suggestions with your audience and build a crypto specific audience which can be used to affiliate anything later related to crypto. You will soon start receiving sponsorship too from crypto projects.

8. Freelancing On Crypto Platform

There are some crypto-based freelancing platform available on internet like ethlance and cryptogrind Everyone knows what freelancing is so if you have any skills that can be delivered online like digital marketing, coding, designing or anything just signup on these sites and start receiving payment in crypto after completion of work. You can also create video courses on BitDigree and sell your videos for crypto.

9. Running Masternodes Or Staking

You can earn money with running a masternodes for coins or staking your coins. But there is a slight difference between mosternodes and staking. In masternodes, you have to own coins on masterndoes network and those coins will be locked for a certain period of time but in staking, you have to hold coins into project’s wallet and you will earn a certain percentage of profit every month. Some examples are for masternodes and staking coins are eos, tron, dash, stratis nem, neo, lisk, decred, nebilo, cardano, etc

10. Become A Blockchain Developer

Do you know? ETH developers earned millions of dollars so far and still making huge money. Yeh that’s true you can become blockchain developer learn solidity and other languages and you can develop things like a crypto exchange, crypto wallet, tradings bots or anything in your mind just deliver it. You should check out blockgeeks if you are interested in learning blockchain development

Conclusion:- If you want big gains like 100x-1000x only holding can do this for you my final thoughts would be investing in good projects and invest only 50% of your funds to long-term holding and rest for short-term trading, bot trading and day trading. if you are doing your own job or other online/offline business just hold and go back to your daily life and come back after 1-2 years you will be surprised with the profits.


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