How To Buy Bitcoin Online In India


Hello, folks as you all know that risk-free buying and selling bitcoin in India has become almost impossible as you all know RBI has recently completely banned bitcoin buying and selling from all legit exchanges like zebpay wazirx and more which were working fine in India. But only buying and selling from exchanges is banned most of the Indian exchanges still using peer to peer service which offers users to buy from other users directly without the need of the third party interaction. But in this article, I will show you the best website to buy bitcoin online in India keep reading for complete info.

Buy Bitcoin Online With Ramitano

Ramitano is very popular peer to peer bitcoin and other top cryptocurrency exchange. With ramitano you can buy not just bitcoin but other popular cryptos like ethereum, litecoin, ripple, bitcoin cash, and even stable coin tether

How To Buy Sell Bitcoin On Ramitano ?

First of all signup on this website by Clicking Here

After signup just scroll a little bit down you will see the list of sellers selling bitcoin online

But hold on don’t buy with anyone you need to buy from buyer having good ratings as because you are buying on peer to peer exchange you might get scam if you buy from less rated and less trusted sellers. But don’t worry you can easily check which seller is trusted and have a good rating just click on his profile and you can see very important data you need like when the seller was registered at ramitano how much he traded so far see image below

As you can see at the image above this seller created his account 1 year ago and also verified his documents also he has traded more than 900 trades so far with over 9 btc 307 eth 4462 usdt 12 bch 27 ltc and 7323 xrp. So now everything looks we can sell to this seller

Next, you will be redirected to the main escrow page where you need time pay him within the given time frame best thing with ramitano is that if a trader isn’t online at the time of your trade he will receive an automated call from ramitano server and will be notified to come online and process your trade. once you paid them and seller confirms it your bitcoin will become available into your ramitano account.

That’s it folks hope this article helped you regarding your buying bitoin online safely. for more useful article like this please do follow social media pages


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