Best Bitmex Trading Strategy For Crypto Traders


In this article, we will tell you about the best and easy bitmex trading strategy. It will help you to win every trade on bitmex with a proper guide. Keep reading this article for more information.

bitmex trading strategy

As you all know bitmex is a great way to make money online due to highly profitable and highly risky leverage trading platform. So it’s definitely a high-risk high reward program similar to gambling you need a proper trading strategy else rekt city is waiting for you.

Therefore I would like to mention 4 bitmex trading strategy guide and my thoughts at the end

Before starting bitmex strategy guide I want you to read risk and money management tips.

Signup On Bitmex If Are Not Registered Yet

Bitmex Risk Management.

  • Always use small funds if you are going with higher leverage and vice versa go a little bit high (not full) for low leverage
  • Use 10% of your entire portfolio
  • Always use stop-loss if you are going with higher leverage like more than 5x
  • Never go greedy
  • Wait for golden opportunities

Please do proper risk management before coming to bitmex world now let’s begin bitmex strategies

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Bitmex Trading Strategy

Strategy 1 – Dice Method (Gamble)

  • Suppose you have $1000 fund. For the first trade, you will go with 10% from your whole funds and will double your amount next time
  • For instance, you are going long with 100$ and you got liquidated now your next trade will be 200$ and if loosed last one too next trade will be 400$ and so on.
  • But make sure you are going with same leverage for each trade for instance if you are going with 5x go with 5x for all next trades

Strategy 2 – Premium Telegram Signals

  • This will work smoothly if you are joining right telegram channel or group no matter it’s free or premium this will be quite profitable
  • There are quite a few good telegram channels out there on telegram like “Trading Crypto Coach” and  “Crypto Coins B”
  • Both these channels have free and premium membership for trading crypto coach free will work as a premium

Strategy 3- Basic Charting Setup

Learn basic charting tools like RSI, moving averages, Bollinger bands, volume, support and resistance, macd, trading time frames etc

Begin with a very basic setup like rsi and Bollinger bands it will work great at the extreme dip

You can learn these charting tools on youtube as there are various videos are already available.

Strategy 4- Combine All Last 3 Strategy

Strategy 4 is all about combining all 3 previous strategies mentioned above.

Combining all methods will make your trade safer.

My Thoughts

Bitmex is a very risky platform

I will not recommend anyone personally as it’s similar to gambling there are many other methods available to make money online like trading and holding good crypto coins. blogging, affiliate marketing, youtubing, freelancing and more.

If you can do money management and risk management you can try bitmex at your own risk.


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