Best Top Cheapest Windows And Linux VPS Providers



Now a days finding a cheap vps server is a big headache you know this very well every time we try to find cheap vps on google results are not satisfying. most good service providers charge too much for just small config vps servers. so today in this article we are going to show you some of the best cheapest windows and linux vps service providers

Best Cheap Windows And Linux VPS

#1. Arubacloud

Aruba cloud is an big cloud company, they have the best cheapest and affordable plan under 1 euro you can grab linux vps with 1GB RAM 1 Core 2Tb Bandwidth and 20Gb ssd disk and vps is hosted on vmware server. they have 4 location for you as well like UK, ITALY, GERMANY, FRANCE isn’t it amazing ?? yes it is indeed this is really a great config under this price.



Well ssdnodes is cheap and superb you will get your vps from canada location they use openvz virtualization which is quite fast and reliable, ssdnodes offers linux vps for just $2.99 Only With 1gb ram 1 core cpu and 1tb bandwith coupled with 10gb ssd storage

What Things You Can Do On This VPS:-

#1.Host A Lamp(Apache,PHP,MYSQL) Server
#2. Host A VNC Server SO You can Run Anything With Gui Access Including Running All Your TE’s
#3. Host A Proxy Server (LIke Squid)
#4. Host Your Own Open VPN Server
#5. Host Your Own CGI Proxy Server
6# Install Wine To Run Windows Applications (Centos Recommended)
7# More You better Knows no restriction 🙂

Some Key Features:-

#1. Instant Reinstall Any Os (Within Seconds)
#2. Real Time Resources View From Control Panel For Eg How much ram system using or how much bandwidth left
#3. Pre-installed Linux OS Are Available Like Centos/debian/Ubuntu/Fedora
#4. Fast Internet Speed
#5. 1TB Bandwitdh
#6. SSD HardDisk

Link 1-

Link 2-

#3. OVH

OVH is very popular cloud service provider they offer open stack kvm vps server for just 3.49$ and with great configs like this

1 vCore
2.4 GHz
Local RAID 10
Unlimited Bandwidth

Unmetered bandwidth under this price is just awesome they have stable servers with 99.9% uptime so you can choose ovh servers for your applications or anything


#4. Kloud51

Kloud51 is also a fantastic cloud vps providers they offer kvm vps too. under 4.51$ you will get 512 mb ram 1 cpu core 5gb ssd storage and unlimited bandwidth. you can do whatever you wants on kloud51 vps server no port blocking every single application is allowed


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